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About the artist

At the age of five I asked my father "Dad, draw me a house". He didn't just draw a house for me, but also a fence, and a tree and a well, and even a cow.

I still remember the feeling of admiration of his steady hand holding a pencil and creating something out of nothing.


From then until today, my hand holds a pencil - I draw...

the game between line and color and shape,

the contrast of light and shadow,

the feelings that a work conveys to the observer,

Feelings of home and warmth,

Feelings of freshness and renewal,

Feelings of nostalgia and connection to the past.


How a style is born

Wandering between furniture and design stores while renovating the house, I noticed the fact that although the design styles accepted today, such as Warm and Scandinavian minimalism, are common today in religious houses, the styles of art in a Jewish atmosphere that are suitable for that style of design almost do not exist.

  The discovery led me to develop my own unique art style, which combines single line techniques - a painting made from only one brush stroke, minimalism and abstraction combined with materials such as gold and silver leaves

I draw my inspiration for the subjects of the paintings from my childhood, from my memories of Beit Saba in Jerusalem, from those small and caressing moments of light and warmth that accompany every Jew: Shabbat night, prayer, joy


Between art and design

The collection of paintings on the site was built with thought and emphasis placed not only on the artistic and aesthetic side, but also on the design side and the adaptation of the paintings to today's leading trends in home design, and the use of colors and materials that match those styles, so that the image will not only be beautiful in itself but will also fit in and match the style and design you chose for your home

 שתמיד תשרה השמחה במעונכם wishing you                 

Bat Sheva Ingber

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